Living The Healthy Life Program

living the healthy life with the help of essential oils

the program 

with Nikolett Jones Certified Holistic Health Coach / Juice Therapist / Spiritual Lifestyle Coach /  Oncology Skin Care Expert / doTERRA Platinum Leader / Mamma


Do it in your own time program   






It is a flexible online 30 days program designed to help you create a lifestyle routine based on the daily and regular usage of therapeutic grade essential oils 








Whether you’re brand new to holistic living, clean eating, pure living and essential oils or established, and ready to grow, LIVING THE HEALTHY LIFE PROGRAM will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your health and lifestyle into a force, it inspires you and your family to stop waiting around for wellness and wellbeing and take the reins yourself. Living the healthy life is the answer for all your essential oil based questions.


Your 30-day plan 

  • to build a robust immune system and heal your gut with the right foods, supplements, and therapeutic grade essential oils + 3 phase step by step gut health guide
  • eating real food vs eating process food + food guide included
  • printable clean 15 and dirty dozen sheet  
  • to teach you how to remove invisible toxins that are ruining your life and health, detox your environment with do it yourself and cleaning products
  • how to care for your skin with natural products and how to create a glowing non-toxic skin care routine + my favorite beauty tips + supplements and skin care products I trust + do it yourself beauty that is also budget friendly and super easy and quick to make, I promise 
  • how to create powerful daily rituals to benefit your emotional wellbeing for living your best life
  • how to prevent gum disease and promote oral health naturally with a holistic approach
  • 7-day detox meal plan with essential oil and supplementation routine included helping you reboot your body and boost immunity ( suitable for vegans, vegetarians and also paleo fans )
  • meals infused with juices, smoothies. 
  • you might even find that you are getting leaner while you are getting smarter
  • shopping list and recipe books included. All recipes all sugar and gluten-free. 
  • recorded webinars and videos to serve you with education 



build your health with the regular use of  essential oils






The program has recorded webinars, videos and ebooks. The program offers easy-to listen videos, webinars, step by step guide, recipe books, downloadable pdf files, resource lists, e-books and fun sheets.




All of the program is online, contained in the private Living The Healthy Life member only site. HERE.  



Living The Healthy Life Program also includes a interactive facebook group where Mamma Jones answers questions and offers daily oil give aways to the most active "students" and of course plenty of advice to ensure that you receive the most value.


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